What to Expect From Posey Girl
Wedding Florals

A. An initial consultation with Posey Girl Floral is an opportunity for you (the bride and groom) to share your vision of your upcoming wedding, and we encourage you to do most of the talking. We have a library of design books and magazines, as well as an extensive portfolio of our own wedding work to share and discuss and explore! We will go through each element of the wedding that includes flowers, and determine, how many? What color? Which style? What price point?

B. You will receive a preliminary proposal that reflects our discussion and provides estimates for each item (sometimes at several price points).
Questions that we were unable to answer for you during the consultation will be answered here. Information about bloom availability, delivery/set up fees, and sourcing of containers and supplies is also provided. This proposal is an outline based on our first meeting and is infinitely malleable.

C. The next step is deciding if Posey Girl Wedding Floral is the right floral studio for your wedding. Did we listen carefully enough? Does the proposal reflect your vision for your wedding? Do the numbers make sense, did we keep your budget in mind? Did we offer reasonable alternatives in order to create your vision and stay within budget?

D. Moving Forward:
To book your date we will need a non refundable deposit from you based on your wedding total.
We know you don’t have all your RSVP’s back yet, perhaps the invites just went out, and the number of tables is up in the air. You’re not sure about the number for the groomsmen, or if the ladies will want pin on or wrist corsages. That is ok. The total will fluctuate until those numbers are firm.

We take pride in our attention to detail, and spend a great deal of time researching answers, and developing ideas on your behalf. Before we proceed with any changes or adjustments to the proposal we ask for a (nonrefundable and mutually agreed upon) deposit, usually 25% (but we’re flexible), of the estimated total stated in the preliminary proposal. This deposit of course, goes towards your final balance and allows us both to move forward together.